Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Promise of Stardust

This one hooked me from page 1. Pricille Sibley's story about a man torn between following through with his wife's wishes to take her off life support after a horrific accident or keep her alive long enough to save the unborn baby she had always wanted is one I am thrilled I bought a hard copy of. My favorites always make it to a bookshelf as opposed to spending its lifetime in my kindle library. I was on the verge of tears for, literally, half the story. It reminded me of a Jodi Picoult book (no wonder I loved it) in that it is based on an ultra controversial issue; the only difference being I felt this author focused more on the main characters stories than what was happening in the court room. This was this authors first novel and I can honestly say I will read her next one no matter the topic!

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