Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Come On Spring!!!!

If there is one time a year that I feel is longer than any other time, it's March. It seems that the entire month is filled with days that each could be, but wont be, spring days. Moving to New England from the Midwest, I have realized that winter is not always the same in different regions and here, winter is cold and gloomy. Most days are overcast enough that just getting out of bed is a chore much less finding the energy to do anything productive. Between that and looking at the snow that is  covering the ground more often than not, you have ideal conditions for cabin fever. I have been pining away for spring since December and we are finally almost there! In preparation for being outside most of the summer I decided that I will try my hand at gardening. Yesterday I went and bought seeds and a few planters for several vegetables and a few flowers. I am going to post my progress on those as well under this new category. I am planning on starting my little seedlings today so check back later or possibly tomorrow to see how it begins ;)

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