Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Great Outdoors!

I spent, and I am not kidding, a minimum of 3 hours this week looking online for fun things to do outside with kids. I have been waiting for that first warmish day, which in New England seems to be any day in the upper 40s, to get my girls outside. I even created a new board on Pinterest so I wouldn't forget anything I saw that looked entertaining. All of that and I overlooked the one thing that not only doesn't take any preparation but little to no effort...and thanks to my husband it is now my number one outdoor activity. How could I forget GOING FOR A WALK!?!?! It cool and a little windy so I bundled the baby up, put a sweatshirt on, grabbed the stroller, a scooter for the 7 year old and we took off. We only spent maybe 45 minutes on our walk but I cannot stress how much good it did! The 1 year old laughed and laughed watching her big sister and daddy play. Between watching the kids and my hubby and all of that beautiful sunshine I felt like a whole new person by the time we got home! We got a little exercise, a little fresh air and some quality time together. I do believe we will be doing that as often as possible ;)

Check back soon for more ideas on outdoor activities for the family!

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