Thursday, March 21, 2013

Every Mother on the Planet Should Read This!!!

I have seen more moms condemn other moms for not breast feeding, giving their baby Gerber baby food, going back to work, etc. Its disgusting. These choices are a mothers prerogative and how dare anyone judge them for doing what deem best for their baby and their family!!

I remember being completely embarrassed when a fellow mother asked me "You mean you feed your baby that?" while I was feeding my 9 month old a meal from a jar. What the hell does it matter to you lady? I am not a drunk, I have never physically, verbally or emotionally abused my kids, I have never abandoned them nor will I. I simply didn't have time to prepare an entire meal for her before I left my house yet I felt like less of a mother because she felt that GOOD moms only fed their baby home grown organic veggies and grass fed beef.

I have been given lectures on giving my baby a pacifier. I gave my older daughter one and not only has it not caused any emotional defects but she also has beautiful teeth. My baby will use one as long as I decide to allow it. I am sorry if you lose sleep over that.

I had an epidural with my first, I fed her formula and I went back to work after she was born. I had a natural birth with my second, breastfed her until 10 months and I and quit my job to become a stay at home mom after she was born. They both have had pacifiers, slept in my bed, worn huggies, eaten gerber baby food, taken naps lying on my chest and I love them both beyond measure.

 That being said, I have never read a blog post that made more sense than this one...
Some of the best quotes from it:

"So if you want to put your baby in all organic diapers and grow and make your own baby food, go right ahead. If you just gave your toddler a can of cold Spaghetti-os for lunch, no problem, you are in good company (even if no one else admits it)."

" For the first time I started to see parents treating each other with absolute scorn. No longer were women just a little defensive over their choices. What came next was out and out war."

I am seriously going to print this and give it to every new mom I meet. You do what you know is best for your baby and give other mothers that same freedom.

I know this has been a long post but please read the letter to moms that this lady did... it is really amazing.

Thanks for listening ;)

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