Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Genorosity of Children

I took the kids to the evil store (aka Walmart) about a week ago and by the time we got out of there the 7 year old and I were STARVING. She took full advantage of that and convinced me to buy a bag of the Cool Ranch Doritos for us to share. We got in the car and started the 40 minute drive home with her in possession of the chips. She handed me 4. Not wanting it to be that kind of trip home I took what she had rationed me. I reached me hand back a minute or two later and the sweet child handed me 2 more chips. I really taught her the gift of sharing! After finishing those I asked if there were any left to which she responded (while jabbing her hand in my face), "Nope, but you can lick my fingers if you want!" HAHAHA! Saved the best for last and offered it to me. I respectfully declined. Kids....I swear!

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