Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I am going to pretend that my schedule is so full that I literally do not have a spare millisecond to sit down and write a post no this blog that I created forever ago... Despite the fact that I will spend hours on Pinterest and have read 6 books since Jan 1. Maybe I should set a reminder on my phone to log in and find something to post. Seems to work for everything else! Those virtual post its are pretty much a life saver. I have, however, added my list of all time favorite books on the right side of this page, which is a pretty damn good start. I swear I will get on here more often! I have some recipes to post anyway ;) I will leave off with a mildly inappropriate, pretty hilarious story: My 7 year old was out of school all last week for February vacation. By Thursday, which just so happened to be baby's 1st birthday, we had an almost terminal case of cabin fever. I figure we could go kill a few hours at the mall...which was, a WONDERFUL idea. After about 32 minutes, 1 year old was ready to be out of the stroller and 7 year old kept stopping to lay down on every single bed in Macy's. We had to find something kid friends asap. We packed up and went down the street to Barns and Noble, my home away from home. As soon as we figured out how the hell to get to the top floor (we looked for the elevator for half an hour, no joke) we found a nice stack of children's books and sat down to read for  a bit. The 7 year old picked SkippyJon Jones' Cirque de Ole' to read out loud. Keep in mind, this is early afternoon on a Thursday inside of a bookstore. It Is near silent aside from my kiddo reading her little heart out. So far the only words I have had to help with are the Spanish words so I am not reading along as she gets to the name "Putzi". For any parent that has sat through hours of phonetic reading you know there are some words that they just aren't going to get and you help them out before they even try it. This was not the case. I wasn't even reading along on account of 1 year old throwing every toy she had out of the stroller at some poor 3 year old. Needless to say I was a little  caught off guard when I hear my sweet innocent 7 year old baby say "Pussy?" as loudly as she can read. I almost fell out of my freaking chair!!! As I quietly corrected her pronunciation of the name, I took several deep breaths and tried to maintain the illusion of composure. In being a parent there is never a dull moment and more often than not, its just a series of funny little moments that get you through the ones that aren't quite so lighthearted.

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