Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting This Show on the Road...

So here I am on a Saturday afternoon doing absolutely nothing when it hits me! I am going to start a blog. Not because I read one that inspired me or because I have some amazing idea that I want to share with the world... No. I am starting a blog because I am literally bored to death and figure this will give me something to do that others may (or may not) benefit from. I read constantly,cook like a younger, sexier version of Martha Stewart and have opinions on everything so I am usually good for a recommendation or two for a book that can help others stave off the feeling of utter lethargy, a few recipes guaranteed to appease picky kids, mothers-in-law, hormonal females and husbands that are ALWAYS starving and a few thoughts I should probably keep to myself (but am for some reason incapable of doing). So welcome to All That is Woman, (titled so because every woman I know is a phenomenal breed of the human race in one way or another) where I am sure to offend some, enlighten some and entertain the rest.

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